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Site News / Planned Maintenance
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:18:32 PM »
Hi All,

I'm going to schedule some maintenance for the server, since it has been ages since I've taken the server down!

Is tomorrow ok or should I shoot for Monday?

Site News / DDoS protection is up. TS slot count @ 500
« on: May 24, 2015, 01:05:05 AM »
have fun


Site News / Staff List
« on: April 26, 2015, 12:05:09 PM »
Hi all,

After discussing with a few parties, I'm proposing the following

Forum Residency Moderators:
Edward Stoutfeather
King Slacker

Forum Global Moderators (Green Tags)
Edward Stoutfeather
Malibu Barbie

TS Moderators (server admin status)
Edward Stoutfeather
Malibu Barbie

I would like to add one more TS moderator for the "overnight" crew.

Anyway discuss. Feedback welcomed without the drama!

Site News / TS
« on: April 25, 2015, 02:10:04 PM »
If someone wants to shoot me the config / structure / setting particulars that everyone is all hyped over, I'd be happy to take a look over any proposed changes.

As for TS mods, we'll have to figure out a good way of nominating/choosing mods/admins for TS.

Anyway this is just an announcement, since I don't want it to blow up into another wall of text thread! We already have plenty.

Thanks :)

Site News / (Important) -- TS3 Server Changes --
« on: May 07, 2014, 05:06:23 PM »
Hi all,
The following has been implemented regarding the TS3 server.

1. TS3 Server Password:
The password is posted as a sticky under the WvW Discussion board.

2.  Moderation:
Since the server is now locked, I've removed all of the moderators. If you wish to become one, please fill out the TS3 Guild Server Group Request form. Only the few who make their case will be accepted.

3.  Guild Channel Registration:
If you wish to KEEP or maintain your guild channel, fill out the TS3 Guild Channel Request form. Failure to do so by the guild leadership by May 15th will result in channel deletions.

4.  Guild Server Group Registration:
If you wish to KEEP or maintain your guild server group, fill out the TS3 Guild Server Group Request  form. Failure to do so by the guild leadership by May 15th will result in the removal of the server group.

Site News / TS (256-slot) license expiring soon
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:02:24 PM »
Just a headsup, the TS3 license on will be expiring soon.

Just FYI.

Sorry whoever replied to this just now but I deleted your comment. Didn't want to bump up this post :P

Site News / Site Welcome Package
« on: March 19, 2014, 08:38:57 AM »
Hi everyone,

I thought I'd write this up to help those who would be interested in using some of the site/services or opt-in memberships for discussions and communication.

1. HoD Residency Access: If you want to gain access to all of the HoD-only boards, you will need to have your HoD residency verified.
Please include (at the very least) your GW2 ID (abcdef.1234), your guild, and a good time range to be able to meet in the HoD citadel to be verified.;area=groupmembership (Approval required)

2. Airing of Grievances: This board was created to allow for unmoderated discussions to take place regarding GW2. Please note that this board does not require HoD residency, so anyone may participate. The board is opt-in, so the only way to view the discussions is to register yourself with the membergroup.;area=groupmembership (Auto-approval)

3. WvW Team Leaders: Designated WvWTLs are guild representatives (2 max) that have access to a special board for WvW discussion/planning. Only those few individuals will have access to the board, so that effective and constructive discussions may take place within a smaller group of chosen people.
Each guild may choose their own one or two representatives.

If someone would generate a list for me (maybe during the Thursday reset meeting), that would be great.
Please include each guild, along with their 1-2 reps, their GW2 ID (abcdef.1234), their TS3 ID, and their forum name here.

*FYI- I went ahead and purged the TL memberships just now, so no one has access at the moment.

4: Teamspeak
We use TS3 as our VOIP. The information is on the right pane of the website (along with a tracker).

5:...I'll finish this later in the week. I just wanted to throw these out there first

Oh, I'm going to need some people to help me verify all the new applications for HoD residency over the next week or two. Please send me a PM (along with when you can cover). I'm only going to pick 2 people but thank you all in advance :D

Also, huge shoutout to The Bigglesworth for helping me over the last 2 weeks with residency approvals :D

Site News / New Forum Server (Residency) Groups -- Read Me Now
« on: February 14, 2014, 08:16:18 AM »
Hi all,

I'm going to start moving people into certain forum groups in order to divide up discussions for the HoD server internally, and for anyone in the game -- A type of status to verify a player's residency on HoD.

You may have noticed I reorganized the forum boards a month ago into a server category and into a public discussion category. This change will prevent those not confirmed on HoD from reading anything on the Server Discussion boards -- so topics that people want to have to include HoD will be read by people on HoD only.

Once I get the time this weekend I'll implement the change.

I'll also most likely have a 3rd group as a transition group, for those I am (or my sources are) are unaware of their home world status.


P.S. Obviously I know this isn't foolproof and eventually people will get through, but it is a step.

Site News / Site Updates
« on: November 04, 2013, 06:44:46 PM »
Hey all. A few things updated today. More to come.
1. WvW scoreboard updated (updating). Reflects the correct score + who controls the buffs. (Asterisks next to the name for the moment)

2. "Social Groups"
Installed this new mod for groups that people can use for guild groups. You can start a group and have your own "wall" for comments and such.
This is the "lite" version so it doesn't have too many features but feedback is welcome.

3. "like" option.
Debating on this one. It costs 20 dollars, not sure if its worth it yet. Im looking at a few mods atm so we shall see.
Going to use a free one for now.

4. Working on some type of activity wall mod. (a la facebook) without any facebook integration. Hopefully it exists. I'll keep you posted.

More commentary to come!

Site News / Another helpful teamspeak tip
« on: August 30, 2013, 07:42:28 AM »
I saw a few guild sites that link the HoD TS3 server :0 (woot)

You can write a url code to instantly join a specific channel on the server.

For example:
ts3server:// Channels/Beyond Expectations [Rawr]

ts3server://   is the ts3 explorer --> TS3 preface --> server IP
?channel=Guild Channels/Beyond Expectations [Rawr]   --> joins channel Guild Channels, then into subchannel Beyond Expectations (to which you will connect into)

Pretty handy stuff so update those links / tutorials!

There are other parameters as well for your own needs.

Site News / Helpful Teamspeak Tip
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:15:57 PM »
For those of you that have guild channels and want to prevent someone from entering ("ban") your channels,

change the client's channel group to "Ban from channel"

Site News / LF Staff member, News / Patch notes updater
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:28:47 AM »
With the 2-week update system going, I'm looking for someone who can post anet blog posts, patch note information (summary post + linkout, not the entire thing), and whatever else would be relevant from anet.

Interested? Apply here.;n=3

Site News / Teamspeak Intro-Week Advertisment Push
« on: July 07, 2013, 09:20:28 PM »
Hey all,

Although this is already underway in smaller groups, I thought it would be a good  idea to post this as well.

I think the ultimate goal for the week should be the word-of-mouth of the TS3 server. Definitely want to reach out to the two main targets:
1. Guilds
2. Militia / PUGs

I suggest that during this first week, people utilize the public channels in order for new-comers to have easy access to the channels that you're telling them to get in to.
As stated in the earlier post, there already has been some confusion about WHICH channel to go into once a new person has joined the TS3 server. Please make sure to advertise which channel your group is in (e.g. EB Team 2)

Please use this thread to offer more suggestions or feedback on the process.

Goal: Efforts this week should culminate into a very populated TS3 server for reset on Friday.

Site News / Teamspeak Server Up
« on: July 05, 2013, 02:23:34 PM »
Hostname or IP:

Port number

Server query port

Site News / Teamspeak Funding
« on: July 03, 2013, 07:10:40 PM »
I'm going to start collecting donations for a 256-slot teamspeak server.

You can shoot me the funds through paypal. I'd prefer it if you could "gift" the funds to That way, paypal won't take their fees of $.30 + 3%.

I'll update this thread daily with the totals (and the donator name if you want). Once we hit the mark, I'll grab the license and put up the teamspeak asap.

If we don't get enough funding within 7 days, I'll return the funds back through paypal.

Total: 23.97
1. KTDannyCZ - 125.00
2. california kid - 23.97
3. Obby - 30.00
4. Devon - 20.00

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