xx July 26th Living Story and Game Update
July 26, 2016, 11:11:48 AM by solitarysumire
Hello friends!

After a number of months with very little added content, we finally have a new story patch! Of course, not everyone plays for the PvE, so here's a rundown of the highlights:

-Changes to some fractals, particularly Swamp and Snowblind, as well as the addition of a brand new fractal, the Chaos Isles.
-Lots of updates and bug fixes to professions! You'll need to review the whole list for specifics, as there are many.
-Updated PvP map: Revenge of the Capricorn
-New reporting options for PvP, including Idle Player (finally)!
-New guild hall upgrade options, including anthems and specialty statues and memorials.
-Addition of new emotes: /sad, /crossarms, /upset, /thanks, /talk.

In terms of WvW, not much movement here:
-New reward track to match the new Living Story loot.
-Siege now accrues condition damage and crit damage, but HP has been doubled.
-Banks added
-Points are added on capture of an objective.

No official word yet on the rotating of the borderlands, but we'll keep you posted.

For the full list of game notes, check out the forum post here:

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xx Alpine Borderlands are BACK!
May 03, 2016, 12:56:17 PM by solitarysumire
The day is finally here, friends. ArenaNet has rotated the Alpine borderlands back into WvW, with updates that are consistent with the updated WvW mechanics, including upgrading with dolyaks, scaling champ health, and disabling Siegerazer. This round of patches also includes the reduced duration time of most types of tactivators.

Full notes can be found here:

Get out there and enjoy!

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xx Spring Quarterly Update: Update ALL the Things!
April 19, 2016, 04:45:40 PM by solitarysumire
ArenaNet dropped the massive Spring 2016 update today, and oh boy does it have a lot of stuff. So much stuff that I can't list it all here, but I can tell you there are BIG updates to WvW, including the following:

-WvW now has reward tracks like PvP! This means new ways of earning loot!
-Addition of the WvW exclusive Triumphant armor set
-New Provisions Master skill set (AUTO LOOT IN WVW PEOPLE)
-Changes to Desert Borderlands (barricades have been removed)

There are three changes that everyone should for sure know about:

WvW World Linking Beginning Friday, Aprill 22nd
ArenaNet has released a world linking system, saying that most worlds starting this reset will have a second world they will be linked with to help offset population gaps between opponents. No servers are being combined, simply allied with another server for the duration of the matchup. More info should be coming with how this will affect scoring and rank.

Scouts and Roamers Will Have Their Day (and Experience)
ArenaNet finally tries to fix the support role/reward discrepancy: "We’ve leveraged our squad system to solve this problem; for every five people in your squad, your commander will be able to assign one person to share squad participation. These players will no longer earn their own participation, but will instead earn participation based on the actions of the rest of the squad. This frees them up to man the defenses of an objective, seek out the enemy, or do any number of other tasks that are important but don’t see a ton of action, and they still earn a portion of the participation that the troops they are supporting earn."

Stability is Back(ish)
The devs have increased the wait period between when stability can be stripped from players from .05 sec to .75 sec. Let's get out there and test how this works out! Maybe the pirate ship meta can be history once and for all.

There is so much more to talk about here, and I hope you all get the chance to go through the full release notes here:

We'll be talking about these new changes to WvW at the Thursday WvW Reset meeting (9 PM EST)- please feel free to send a rep or attend yourself. Many of the features are still in beta, so we can expect some adjustments in the future. Now, let's all get out there and check it out!

For the Henge!
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