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Hello, Everyone.

As many have pointed out, the Initiative has been quiet lately and I take full blame for this. As acting leader I've not been contributing much to this alliance lately, but trust me when I say it's been a purposeful choice in my attempt to reduce the drama that is making this game less and less fun for all involved. To put it bluntly, I've been willingly letting this alliance falter in my attempt to try and improve things for the sake of all involved.

I'm not sure if this has been good or not, but i'll explain my reasoning.

Firstly: The structure for an alliance is supported fairly weakly, if at all, within this games features and UI. There are no official alliances in game and all communication and structure must be done unofficially and through third party programs. While this would not rule out the possibility of having alliances, having nothing "set in stone", so to speak, does make it more difficult then it would be in a game with great alliance functionality (Like EvE Online). This lack of functionality makes communication difficult, which prevents unity. Very frequently two groups on opposite ends of the initiative would have two differing opinions on the nature or status of events or the alliance as a whole, which complicated issues greatly.

Secondly: I don't think the environment on this server is one that would healthily support the growth of any serious alliance as ambitious as the initiative. There are just too many factions, too many people with differing opinions, and frankly too many people taking things too seriously. The initiative was originally formed to promote communication and to try and band together the server so our limited numbers could be used more effectively. This did see some success but it also resulted in the alienation of groups due to misunderstandings and etc.

To a degree, these are tied together. For example, "power" in wvw is divvied up between commander tags, political affiliations very rarely factor in to where the 'zerg' follows. So, this means that if two people of clashing political opinions were both to take up command in WvW, you've now got the zerg split between two conflicting commanders. While this would happen even if guilds and alliances were non-existent as it's still possible to have people who just simply don't like eachother, adding a whole layer of politics and drama on top of that just creates more divides then are perhaps necessary.

Now, how does this tie into HoD in general? Well, a lot of guilds in the initiative still retain loyalty to each other and this is great. Friendship and loyalty is exactly what is needed, but it mostly arises naturally alongside it's opposite counterpart, conflict. Conflict on this server has been the number one subject of discussion for a while and the drama involved has pushed a lot of people out of WvW, more then the formation of any alliances has possibly brought in. To end this conflict will be something that we all need to work on, and if one faction hands the others a bouquet of roses only to be knocked away, it will simply further feed the rifts formed within our community.

Basically, this means we all need to, to put it bluntly, mature the hell up, remember this is a bloody video game and just deal with it. Yes, you may think that x commander is a fool and can't place siege to save his life, but if you really want to fix that be nice about it and give constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism, however, is a two way street, and if you feel this following comment is aimed at you then it probably is so just accept it: Everyone needs to learn that no commander on this server is perfect. Not myself, not Valenna, not any commander in any alliance or guild. We ALL need to learn to take criticism and accept our mistakes in our effort to improve ourselves. Yes, it does help when the criticism is worded all nicely but some times we will majorly screw up and people will tell us we're idiots, and sometimes it's better to just sit back, laugh, and say "Well, that was a pretty major blunder on my behalf".

Remember, above all, that the overwhelming majority of people on this server want it to prosper. They may be atrocious at achieving this goal but this doesn't mean they aren't open to changing their ways. Be nice, be diplomatic, obey wheaton's law and accept your mistakes. This is a game, and we're all people playing it with our faults and our dreams. We're in a horrible situation with our population issues and the fact we're constantly being doubled teamed, and even sans drama we'd still not be on top. But, remember, ignoring all else, most people who play on this server simply want to do one thing:

have fun.

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Re: Alliances in Guild Wars 2, the Initiative and HoD in general.
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