Author Topic: June 6th Game Update- Competitive Feature Pack  (Read 2052 times)

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June 6th Game Update- Competitive Feature Pack
« on: June 06, 2017, 10:36:10 AM »
Today WvW got an exciting update that's been a long time coming as part of the June Competitive Feature Pack, wherein ArenaNet is revitalizing some of the game's structured combat modes. Here are some of the highlights from today's release:

-WvW gets its own legendary backpiece/glider combo: Warbringer
-WvW skirmish rewards are now based on pips much like PvP league
-Skirmish rewards include claim tickets for the WvW Skirmish vendor for new Mistforged armor and ascended gear
-Improved WvW LFG can now offer you optional squads to join when entering a WvW map
-Match Overview tab now includes Match History and statistics

PvP also got a couple changes today, and here are some of those:
-League begins again on June 13th
-Tiers have been revised for each rank to make it slightly easier to reach Platinum and Legendary
-Eternal Coliseum and Revenge of the Capricorn are now included in ranked maps

For the full details, see the post:

It's exciting to finally have a WvW update! Hopefully we'll see plenty of new and returning players joining in the fight. Get out there and check it out!

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