Author Topic: December 13th Game Update - Wintersday  (Read 2854 times)

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December 13th Game Update - Wintersday
« on: December 13, 2016, 09:41:37 PM »
Hey there, everyone!

The Wintersday patch is upon us! The event is the usual, with a few new skins to procure, but otherwise not much changed. With it comes a few other tidbits that might interest you:

-Season 5 begins today! Last season of the year, so get it while it's hot.
-Ranked queues are now limited to solo and duo queue for the duration of the season.
-Pip amounts have been reworked per tier.
-Skyhammer is now included in ranked maps, and Battle of Champion's Dusk is no longer available ranked.

-Skirmish scoring has been changed. The 1st place for a skirmish is now 2 pts, while both 2nd and 3rd place receive 1 pt each (starts on Friday reset).
-Floating war scores now appear over objectives when earned.
-We have our current partners until the end of December or thereabouts.

Check out these changes and a full list of others, including balance changes, in the full release:



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