xx December 13th Game Update - Wintersday
December 13, 2016, 09:41:37 PM by solitarysumire
Hey there, everyone!

The Wintersday patch is upon us! The event is the usual, with a few new skins to procure, but otherwise not much changed. With it comes a few other tidbits that might interest you:

-Season 5 begins today! Last season of the year, so get it while it's hot.
-Ranked queues are now limited to solo and duo queue for the duration of the season.
-Pip amounts have been reworked per tier.
-Skyhammer is now included in ranked maps, and Battle of Champion's Dusk is no longer available ranked.

-Skirmish scoring has been changed. The 1st place for a skirmish is now 2 pts, while both 2nd and 3rd place receive 1 pt each (starts on Friday reset).
-Floating war scores now appear over objectives when earned.
-We have our current partners until the end of December or thereabouts.

Check out these changes and a full list of others, including balance changes, in the full release:

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xx September 20th Game Update
September 20, 2016, 10:24:22 AM by solitarysumire
Hey all! Here we are at another patch day. Some fun things in this update:

-New legendary: Eureka (mace)
-Updates to many fractals
-Guild halls have new upgrades available and new decoration recipes for scribe

In terms of WvW, there was not a whole lot of movement here besides a few minor labeling and achievement corrections. Of course, we have recently had the change to skirmishes before the patch hit. But there have been updates to squad UI and an interesting new targeting feature that are worth checking out!

Big news in PvP, however, with a new map! We've seen previews of the Eternal Coliseum, and now it's out there for you to play, along with a set of limited time achievements. They have also introduced a system of prebuilt default builds for each profession.

Check out the full game notes here:

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xx July 26th Living Story and Game Update
July 26, 2016, 11:11:48 AM by solitarysumire
Hello friends!

After a number of months with very little added content, we finally have a new story patch! Of course, not everyone plays for the PvE, so here's a rundown of the highlights:

-Changes to some fractals, particularly Swamp and Snowblind, as well as the addition of a brand new fractal, the Chaos Isles.
-Lots of updates and bug fixes to professions! You'll need to review the whole list for specifics, as there are many.
-Updated PvP map: Revenge of the Capricorn
-New reporting options for PvP, including Idle Player (finally)!
-New guild hall upgrade options, including anthems and specialty statues and memorials.
-Addition of new emotes: /sad, /crossarms, /upset, /thanks, /talk.

In terms of WvW, not much movement here:
-New reward track to match the new Living Story loot.
-Siege now accrues condition damage and crit damage, but HP has been doubled.
-Banks added
-Points are added on capture of an objective.

No official word yet on the rotating of the borderlands, but we'll keep you posted.

For the full list of game notes, check out the forum post here:

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